The CFO's right-hand man
for Critical Projects.

Frankreich Versteher

Interim Manager specialised in the areas of
Procurement, Transformation and Controlling.



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Keep Your Transformation Projects on Track

The CFO's right-hand man provides Strategic Financial Analysis and Insights to guide decision-making, manages Risks, leads Cost-savings initiatives and reduces Working Capital to improve Cash.

The manager's involvement is total and in line with the fundamental principles of

  • Listening
  • Responsiveness
  • Excellence
  • Transparency

1. Analyse

Perform a Diagnostic
Define the Actions plan
Control Risks

2. Drive Change

Strengthen Management
Optimize and Structure
Increase Profit

3. Ensure Continuity

Get Teams involved
Hand over
Transfer Know-How

Create Value Together, Faster.

Hard on the Problem, Soft on the People.

Most transformation projects fail without clear objectives and adequate leadership support. The CFO and his team play a key role to measure progress and ensure alignment across the organization. Transformation projects require strong leadership commitment and support at all levels. Breaking silos is crucial because it fosters collaboration, ensures communication and promotes a consistent approach.

The CFO's right-hand man makes it essential to break down these barriers for a successful transformation. In my work, I am guided by a clear strategic understanding of the business and your priorities while providing a very hands-on view and support to the team on a day-to-day basis.

People will always need People. I make sure to treat well People because they are the ones who will take care of Relationships with the Business. I listen a lot and I ask questions to understand people’s problems and ultimately figure out a solution. During a transformation it is vital to identify the Champions who will help to advance the change process. Under these principles, I have seen normal employees achieving extraordinary results, which not only helped to hit our targets but also to exceed expectations.


FAQ - What is Interim management ?

As an operational solution for overcoming a complex situation or turning point in a short period of time, interim management represents an effective response to the strategic and operational needs of organisations undergoing change. 

Why do Projects fail ?

Project management is a significant investment—it may represent up to 20% of the overall project budget. Running a project without solid management will do more harm than good.
That’s why I have collected some insights taken from my own experience or specialized literature to understand why projects fail and what factors are key to success.

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Your Advantage on the Field in France & Abroad,
Der Frankreich Versteher.

How does language barrier affect international business ? Whether operating nationally or internationally, communication is the key to success. This particularly true and relevant to a family business when language barriers and cultural nuances have such an influence on success.  As your company expands globally, having a multilingual workforce is critical. If you think of opening a new branch in France, your best options should be to hire a French Interim Manager to ensure a smooth adaptation process.

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